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Flame Retardant (Optional Feature)

The quality of flame retardant is applied to the products in accordance with international standards.

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Water Resistance (Optional Feature)

Within the help of special chemicals, all kinds of liquid can be inhibited to penetrate into the products.

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Abrasion Resistance (Optional Feature)

High abrasion resistant goods can be produced on where artificial leather used a lot for intense use.

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Breathable (Optional Feature)

Air permeability can be applied to PU leather for your special orders.

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Antibacterial (Optional Feature)

Microorganism which may exist where our products are used for home and office furnitures, can be prevented with antibacterial application.

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Uv Resistance (Optional Feature)

With the help of powerful chemicals, resistance to sunlight can be provided to the products.

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Easy Clean (Optional Feature)

Easy Clean feature can be provided to our products against all kind of external factor such as tea, coffee stains that may occur in home and office atmosphere.

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